U30/U30s Premium PCB inspection systems, offer the ultimate ultra HD 4k image quality.

Superior optics produces 2–60x magnification (24”monitor) as standard with additional lenses offering up to 178x.

The U30 Digital Microscopes provide astonishing images of the PCB with minimum glare and reflections, even in poor lighting conditions.

Designed for ergonomic use, the Inspectis Ultra HD PCB inspection systems provide relief to eyes, neck and shoulders through the unique ergonomic design and 230 mm free working distance. By allowing operators to sit comfortably in a good working position, their inspection tasks can be carried out more efficiently.

The LWD (Long Working Distance) version offers a 500mm working height allowing a wide field of view for larger PCBs and also a completely free working area.

Connect a U30 PCB inspection camera to PC via a USB3.0 converter and with the included Inspectis software you can take advantage of a range of image capture and enhanced image software features, extending the basic inspection task to applications such as the Web Meeting Microscope which allows customers, suppliers or colleagues offsite to view and discuss PCB issues as if they were in the same room, or the Overlay Assisted Inspection (OAI) System which can significantly speed up and improve manual inspection processes by quickly identifying differences from a golden board.