KIC Thermal Profilers can be used for SMT Reflow Profiling, Wave Solder Profiles, Reflow Oven Verification and any Time v Temperature Applications.
With both standard profilers and Smart Profilers KIC offer a solution for all budgets.
The KIC SPS Smart Profiling System is a fast set-up tool designed to get you thermal process optimised and ready to run in minutes.
Profiling SMT assemblies needed be a difficult, time consuming task – KIC have automated many stages of setting up a reflow oven recipe so that now you need only attach thermocouples, select the solder paste from a drop-down list and run a profile. For the premium solutions automated profile prediction is standard and the optimised reflow oven settings are displayed as soon as the profiler is reconnected.
By far the fastest process set-up and optimisation tool available.