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Inspectis UltraHD (UHD) 4k digital inspection systems provide the highest performance solutions for all optical inspection tasks including inspection and rework of 0201 and smaller passive components.

Inspectis products are ready to use from the moment you plug them in and are expandable and adaptable to meet specific needs now or in the future.

The U30 Inspectis Digital Microscopes is at the heart of all our 4k/UHD Inspection Systems and can be used to replace any inspection currently performed with optical systems like stereo microscopes, stereo viewers and standard bench viewers. Traditional microscopes and stereo viewers are often difficult to use, have restricted viewing and working distances and don’t offer any flexibility.

By introducing Inspectis digital inspection systems the ergonomics of the user become significantly improved. It permits the user to ‘see’ better, work more efficiently and perform at a higher level, thus higher yields are seen.
All the systems offer image capture, measurement and a range of lighting accessories to suit any application.