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KIC Thermal Profilers can be used for SMT Reflow Profiling, Wave Solder Profiles, Reflow Oven Verification and any Time v Temperature Applications. KIC’s Reflow Process Inspection tool (RPI) automates the reflow data collection process, providing full production and process traceability and a profile for every board manufactured. RPI completes the assembly line ‘Inspection’ data, providing all the live critical reflow data in a way that SPI does for solder paste & AOI does for component placement. KIC Vantage, factory level Industry 4.0 smart factory system for reflow and cure data management and analytics. Real-time dashboard for all reflow ovens in the factory, provides access to all profiles, all builds, all lines and full historical data, all available on a browser based user interface. KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyser, the Smart Fixture with Built-In Data Collection Module for Machine Validation. KIC Profile Carrier, KIC Wave Surfer – Wave Solder Thermal Profiler.