Ultra HD (4K) Overlay Assisted Inspection (OAI) System

Ultra HD (4K) Overlay Assisted Inspection (OAI) System

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Powerful Microscope System Package with premium imaging quality and Overlay Assisted Inspection OAI.

U30s 4K Ultra HD Inspection System with Timer-controlled Interval Display.

Inspectis OAI software provides an Overlay of Live Video over a ‘golden board’ reference picture with timer-controlled interval display and provides an image comparison feature to easily highlight differences to the operator.

Semi-automatic inspection tool for identifying missing components, wrong polarities, misplacement and other defects on assembled PCBs, in-line as well as off-line.

The U30 Full Ultra HD Extended Working Distance (EWD) system also offers the ultimate solution for high quality inspection of Electronic PCBs, components, assemblies and for any application where a magnified image is required as part of the inspection process and where space is required around the inspection area.

Making Rework Easy

The U30 Ultra HD (4k) inspection systems combine 30x optical zoom, fast auto-focusing and a highly sensitive 2160i High Definition sensor. A live image delivers real-time inspection which makes the U30-EWD perfect for micro-assembly, soldering and rework applications, allowing access for soldering and rework applications.

This KIT includes the LWD stand, large base and PCB holder, 4k Image capture device, OAI software and software camera control.


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