Significantly Improved PCB Inspection

The Inspectis F30s X-Y Inline Inspection System for use with Conveyors.

The standard 30x zoom optics offer 1.9 – 56x magnification (on a 24” monitor) and provide high quality images of the PCB without the need to handle the board.

The F30s X-Y Inline Inspection PCB inspection cameras offer true ease of use with all the basic parameters such as zoom, auto-focus (on/off), brightness and colour levels controlled by the user through simple on-board buttons on top of the device.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

The Inspectis F30s X-Y Inline PCB Inspection System provides a unique ergonomic design which allows the operators to inspect in a relaxed working position, this reduces fatigue and allows their inspection tasks can be carried out more efficiently and with better results.

The F30s X-Y Inline Inspection System integrates with most conveyors, providing a professional solution for the ever demanding inspection needs of modern PCB assembly processes.