Component Counting

The County Counter range of Component Counters offers solutions for Axial, Radial & SMD reeled components. The County EVO manual Component counter offers a cost effective solution for counting of SMD reel components, Axial bandoliered components and even radial taped components. The County-S EVO Motorised SMD Reel Counter can count a reel of components (5,000) in just 23 seconds, meaning a count and rewind in less than 50 seconds. The County-S EVO EPC (Empty Pocket Checker) version provides enhanced SMD component reel counting for high value and critical parts. Optional accessories for SMT reel counters include an ‘Empty’ Aluminium SMD Reel to speed up component counting, a label printer which allows for a new component reel label to be fitted and a barcode reader to allow component part numbers to be added to the SMD reel component label after counting. Ideal solutions for SMT kitting of components, SMT reel storage areas, SMT production areas which allows the used SMD component reel to be counted and returned to stores with an accurate component count.