F30 Extended Working Height HD Inspection system

Extended Working Height

F30 Extended Working Height HD Inspection system

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Superior Optics

The F30 Full HD Extended Working Distance (EWD) system offers a solution for high quality inspection of Electronic PCBs, components, assemblies and for any application where a magnified image is required as part of the inspection process and where space is required around the inspection area.

Making Rework Easy

The F30 Full HD inspection systems combine 30x optical zoom, fast auto-focusing and a highly sensitive 1080i High Definition sensor. A live image delivers real-time inspection which makes the F30-EWD perfect for micro-assembly, soldering and rework applications, allowing access for soldering and rework applications.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

The F30-EWD inspection camera has a unique ergonomic design, extending the working height of the camera to 500mm (optionally 1000mm) and with the monitor positioned directly in front of the user they will have a completely unrestricted view and a free working area. Good operator comfort and ease of inspection will increase concentration levels, essential for high quality inspection.

Plug & Play

Connect to a HD monitor and you’re ready to Inspect or Rework.
Simple on-board controls offer zoom, auto/manual focus switching, brightness & white balance adjustments.


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