KIC Auto-Focus – Create New SMT Oven Recipes Without Running A Profile

KIC Auto-Focus – Create New SMT Oven Recipes Without Running A Profile

Auto-Focus Power is a ‘recipe search engine’ with an intelligent database, enabling the creation of very accurate oven setup recommendations.
All boards profiled are added to the database, which after just a few profiles becomes intelligent enough to make accurate recommendations for best oven setup for new PCBs.

Normal Profiling Steps for a New Product Introduction (NPI)

Setting up new product profile first requires an educated guess to determine the initial reflow oven recipe to be used, followed by manual profiling of the actual board to help identify the correct oven recipe settings. The downside to this process is that a poorly selected initial recipe runs the risk of damaging the product and it may still require numerous profiles to be run before identifying the correct recipe.

This is valuable lost production time for the reflow oven and production line and also wasted engineering time spent setting up a every new product.

Once created this precious NEW board has now been thermally processed several times and is unusable as a production board, even for testing.

KIC Auto-Focus for NPI – The Fast Solution to New Board Profiling

KIC Auto-Focus Power will recommend the initial oven setup without the need for the technician’s educated guess or even without running a profile – and all in seconds!

Advantages of Auto-Focus

  • No Sacrificed Profiling Boards
  • New Recipe Creation Without Running a Profile
  • Fast New Product Introduction
  • Centre the Profile in the Middle of the Process
  • Provides a Solution for Fast, Oven Recipe Changeovers (no more HOT and COLD profiles!)
  • Less Downtime

KIC Auto-Focus Power is an add-on software for existing KIC users, please contact us if you would like confirmation of compatibility with you existing KIC Profiler.