NEW Weller Solder Tip Cleaner Released

NEW Weller Solder Tip Cleaner Released – WATC100 Automated Solder Tip Cleaner

Soldering iron tip cleaning has never been so easy.

The NEW WATC100 Automatic Tip Cleaner cleans the soldering iron tip in just 1 second.

Automatic ON/OFF feature provides the user with the best solution for your soldering application. The WATC100 Automatic Solder Tip Cleaner provides long term benefits which are significant.

  • Increased Productivity – Less time spent than manual cleaning with better cleaning results
  • Reduced Costs – Improved heat transfer delivers high quality soldering results for longer, whilst optimal tip care extends tip life up to 2 times.
  • Clean Work Area – Eliminates solder debris rom your workbench and printed circuit boards! (compared to using traditional manual cleaning methods such as brushes or sponge).
  • Universal Cleaning – Keep all your soldering iron tips, tweezers, hot-air rework tools and other soldering tools clean with one automated cleaner.
  • Available in 2 versions.

With metal brushes as WATC100M Fast Automatic Solder Tip Cleaner with Metal Brushes.

With fibre brushes as WATC100F Fast Automatic Solder Tip Cleaner with Fibre Brushes.