TekDry Dehumidifiers Provide Safe MSD Storage Solution, Continuously.

TekDry Dehumidifiers Provide Safe MSD Storage Solution, Continuously, even when one fails!

User Replaceable Dehumidifier
TekDry the Replacement Dehumidifier for the Ghibli Dry Storage Cabinets

Dehumidifiers – How do they work?

The basic concept of a dry storage dehumidifier is that a section of an absorbent material is exposed to the air inside the cabinet, capturing the moisture and then after a drying period the unit switches to a regeneration mode. Simply passing heated air over the material to dry and forcing the moist air to the outside of the cabinet – this process runs continuously.

ONE TekDry Module – Switchable to Primary or Secondary

A Dry Storage Cabinet needs to run continuously to ensure the Relative Humidity (RH) is kept below 5%. This is very easy to achieve if the cabinet is kept closed and in fact the TekDry can reduce RH to around 2%, however as soon as the cabinet is opened (to add or remove components) the RH rises and this needs to be returned quickly, back below 5% RH.

For small cabinets the ratio of air to the size of the dehumidifier makes this easy to achieve, but for a larger cabinets 2 dehumidifiers are used. Running them in a ‘Pair’ in sequence ensures there’s always a Drying stage running. When the Primary Dehumidifier is ‘Drying’ the Secondary Dehumidifier is ‘Regenerating’ then when the Primary switches to regeneration the Secondary unit switches to drying. This process runs continuously for many, many years…unless there is a problem with one of the units. In the past BOTH units are normally replaced as they are sold as a pair, however with older Ghibli Dry Storage Cabinets it is still possible to run with one dehumidifier – if it’s only the secondary that’s failed!

Identifying and changing the faulty unit used to be tough, waiting to see which cycle causes the RH not to recover, and then checking to see which unit is exhausting air at that time. Once the unit is identified – is it the “primary” or “secondary” module?

The Primary is plugged in the the mains and the Secondary runs from the Primary so it’s fine if the Secondary is faulty as it can be switched off, with the vents covered to provide an adequate solution but if the Primary is faulty the cabinet cannot run without the Primary switched off, therefore the perfectly good secondary cannot be run on it’s own.

The NEW design of TekDry Dehumidifiers used in the Ghibli Pro Dry Storage Cabinets are the same unit for both, just switchable between Primary or Secondary, therefore whichever unit fails you can still run your cabinet with low RH by switching the units mode and running with one dehumidifier. Moreover the TekDry unit displays the error code (to alert which unit is faulty), the setting number (1-Primary, 2-Secondary) and stage (showing when the unit is in recycle mode). This allows for the cabinet to run low RH whilst a replacement is ordered.

…and if you currently using an earlier model of the original Ghibli Dry Storage Cabinet it’s still possible to fit 2 new TekDry Dehumidifiers and run the cabinet for many more years to come with these new features.