PCB Barcode Label Printing Service

Need to label your PCBs but don’t want to print your own labels?

We can manage your PCB label design and PCB barcode label printing for you.
Our label printing service offers an easy, low cost solution when introducing any labels to your PCB assembly process. Variable data like unique PCB serial numbers, Date Codes, Batch Codes and Lot numbers are common variables which can change per label or per job, this data can be incorporated in to the barcode for traceability.

In the future, if you wish to print your own labels we can supply the printer, software, label design files, labels and ribbon to allow you to continue without needing to test new materials or recreate the existing barcode label.

PCB serialised labels can be alpha numeric text or a barcode (with or without text).
We can print all common barcode symbology’s; 1D barcodes (like Code128) or 2D barcodes (like Data Matrix or QR Code) and the printed information can include human readable text, useful when moving away from traditional text only labels.

If you need small or miniature PCB labels and need to move away from your larger traditional 1D barcode label size, we can redesign your existing label using a 2D code such as Data Matrix.

We use 600dpi thermal transfer printers which allow for high density barcode and text printing, meaning we can produce labels down to 4x4mm with clearly legible …but tiny, text and easily readable small barcodes.

Large range of stocked label sizes allow for fast turn-around and with custom label sizes also available we can offer a solution for all PCB labelling applications.

Combining High Durability Polyimide label materials with chemical/solvent resistant printing ribbons we can provide harsh environment labels for all PCB labelling requirements. Ensuring the PCB serial number label, and the critical printed data survives the whole production process, not just for SMT reflow and wave soldering, but also for harsh cleaning systems.