PCB Barcode Label Printing Service

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PCB Barcode Label Printing Service

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If you require PCB barcode labels we will manage your barcode label printing for you, ensuring you never have a duplicate PCB serial number.

The printed barcode label can contain only the barcode or barcode with the human readable serial number.

More complex designs can be produced for barcode labelling for many applications.

Our label & printer ribbon combinations can be matched to ensure the PCB serial number label survives the production process.

High temperature labels for PCB serial numbers that can withstand the soldering process, attached to the PCB before the production process.

When marking the PCB after the production process, a Polyester label can be used which is more economical than the high temperature Polyimide label.

White Polyimide or Green Polyimide high temperature labels are available for PCB barcode printing.

Most barcode Symbology’s are supported (Code 39, Code 128, 2D Data Matrix, QR etc), depending on your requirements and the size of the label.

We can print durable thermal transfer barcode labels for all environments.

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