Pre Reflow Inspection for PCBs

Inline XY Inspection – Pre Reflow Inspection for your boards

Whether used as a First Article Inspection tool, or for every board, the inline systems can allow the user to check key components, connectors and other SMT devices, ensuring that they are correctly placed and orientated before you reflow your valuable board. This not only ensures you will achieve the highest quality results, it will significantly reduce costly rework tasks later in your production process.

The Inline Inspection systems from Inspectis addresses these issues and also offer other significant process and quality improvements, making it easier for the user to see more clearly.

Inline X-Y Axis for PCB

The Inspectis U30s X-Y Inline Inspection System is designed for use with all Conveyor Systems in SMT electronics assembly areas; solder paste deposit inspection, pre-reflow oven inspection to aid to manual assembly of odd-form parts, detailed inspection of OAI fails, rework/repair inspection & final product inspection. The Inline systems are custom made for each application, designed to provide each user with the optimum inspection solution. The systems can run as a pure inspection solution, with the camera directly connected to the monitor, or can be connected via a PC with Inspectis Image Capture Software to allow Image Capture and Reporting for process improvement purposes.

The Inspectis PCB inspection cameras offer true ease of use with all the key parameters such as zoom, auto-focus (on/off), brightness and colour levels controlled by the user through simple on-board buttons on top of the device. In combination with INSPECTIS 4-direction camera tilt device, components and parts can be side viewed at ± 30° slope angles along both X and Y-axes.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

The Inspectis U30s X-Y Inline PCB Inspection System provides a unique ergonomic design which allows the operators to inspect in a relaxed working position, this reduces fatigue and allows their inspection tasks can be carried out more efficiently and with improved results.

The U30s Inline Inspection System can integrate with any conveyor type, to provide a professional solution for all electronics processing & inspection found in the SMT PCB assembly processes.

Compact XY Travel Stand

Compact X-Y Travel Stand from Inspectis offers inspection for conveyors in tight locations.

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