NEW ZeroSmog Shield Pro Fume Extraction for Soldering

NEW ZeroSmog Shield Pro Fume Extraction for Effective Soldering Fume Extraction

ZeroSmog Shield Pro Fume Extraction, a New Concept in Removing Solder Fumes from the Workspace

Solder Fume Extraction
Compact, Powerful Workbench Filter System for Solder Fume Extraction

Remove Solder Fumes at Source for a Cleaner Workspace

Removal of solder fumes at source protects the user, maintains a clean workbench and helps provide a cleaner workspace and factory. A cleaner workplace promotes increased productivity & healthier workers.

The ZeroSmog Shield Pro solder fume extraction system is designed to revolutionise your individual workstation. Breathe clean air at your workbench while you work on your next soldering task with the Weller ZeroSmog Shield Pro, a true filtration unit that keeps your work environment clean and fresh. Its compact design, which can be stacked with soldering stations, helps maximise your workspace and with ZeroSmog Shield Pro, you can breathe easy and focus on your soldering.

Clean Air – Efficient particle and gas filtration, odour removal for a single workbench

Powerful – Powerful blower with adjustable extraction power

Stackable – Keep your workspace Clean, Tidy and Compact as the ZeroSmog Shield Pro allows stacking with all Weller Soldering irons and all other brands (max. footprint 130 x 180mm)

Connectable – Connects to a host of Weller Soldering Stations to allow for automated solder fume extraction whilst soldering

Illuminated Work Area – The best extraction area for efficient filtration is clearly indicated by a bright work light

Easy Filter Change – With Filter Status indication

The NEW Weller ZeroSmog Shield Pro is affordable and available now.

The new Weller range of soldering stations, soldering irons, automated tip cleaners and benchtop filter extraction systems are compact, stack­able, smart, and powerful.

Weller products are designed for versatility, to provide solutions for both high mass and delicate micro soldering applications in one package.