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Why use a Digital Microscope for PCB Inspection

2019-09-02T10:21:17+01:00March 13th, 2019|Electronics Inspection|

 VIEW PRODUCT RANGE   Why use a Digital Microscope? Is there a need for this technology? Why not just use the traditional,  stereo microscopes and 'eyepieceless' stereo microscopes that are available? The need for PCB inspection equipment in the production area has risen sharply in the last decade as SMT components have become smaller and more complex. Microscopes and then Stereo Microscopes were used in [...]

Inspectis F30 EWD PCB Inspection System

2019-09-02T10:19:58+01:00March 1st, 2019|Electronics Inspection|

VIEW PRODUCT RANGE  The Inspectis F30s Extended Working Distance camera inspection provides an easy to use PCB inspection system.The operator is seated in a comfortable position with a clear view of the monitor.The image is displayed with no frame delay whilst inspecting the PCB and there is no view finder or eye pieces to be adjusted for each operator using the PCB inspection system.As the image is [...]