Weller WT2020M WT 2M Twin Soldering Station

Weller WT2020M WT 2M Twin Soldering Station

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Weller WT2020M WT2M Soldering Station Kit

Weller Part # T0053445399

WT2M, compact 2-channel 150W station, WMRP micro soldering iron & WMRT micro desoldering tweezers. Designed for microscope and miniature SMD soldering to provide a solution for high density and delicate microsoldering applications in one package.

Large multifunction display
Quick tip change
Auto-standby mode & Password protection

The WT line offers three stations; with interchangeable irons and accessories so you can add an alternative station, soldering iron or additional tools and accessories when your application demands something different to your norm.

Kit includes;
WT2M Station
WMRP 55W Micro soldering iron
WMRT 40W Micro soldering tweezers
WSR 203 Safety rest kit
WSR 205 Safety rest kit

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