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Mini Oven 05 BGA Reballing

Mini Oven 05 BGA Reballing

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Martin’s Mini Oven 05 provides a fast and easy BGA reballing solution for rework, device failure analysis and forensics.
Placed the wrong BGA?, the BGA incorrectly?, or in the wrong orientation?
Reballing them is easy.

With the long availability and cost of older devices being high this solution allows the user to harvest working components from scrap boards or older products, reball them and allow them to be re-used; Perfect for legacy repairs and support.

Found the components you want but in the wrong alloy (Sn/Pb or lead-free)…simply remove the solder using any common desoldering method and then reball the BGA with new solder balls in the right alloy.

An extensive selection of stock frames and masks for BGA reballing with custom stencil designs also available.

Finally, finding QFN devices difficult to rework? – try our QFN pre-bumping solution which allows you to precisely print the right amount of solder paste on the QFN, then reflow the device so that it can be reworked similar to a BGA, with flux only.

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