Beauty Line Exclusive Replacement Filter

Beauty Line Exclusive Replacement Filter

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The Beauty Line Exclusive main filter is a 2 part filter.
(Replacement main filter for FT0099 Beauty Line Exclusive)

It is important that the particle filter captures small particles (0,1 – 0,3 micrometer)
these are most hazardous to health. Toprotect nail therapists and to meet demands
and legislations,the HEPA quality needs to be H12 or more.

Beauty Line is equipped with a HEPA class H13 filter, and the separation degree is 99,96 %
of particles in size 0,1 – 0,3 micrometer.

3 things is necessary for protecting the nail therapists from hazardous gases

1. Amount of gas filter media
The amount of needed gas filter media
depends on the airflow.
Beauty Line Exclusive includes 5 kg gas filter media.

2. Dwell time, contact time
It is important to get the right contact time, between gases and the gas filter media,
otherwise the gases will pass the filter and back into the room. Recommended contact
time is is 0.25-0.30 seconds.

3. Particles after particle filter
It is important that the particles stay in the particle filter otherwise the gas filter will
be used up by particles and not by gases.

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