KIC SPS 7-Channel Fast Thermal Profiler for SMT Reflow

KIC SPS 7-Channel Fast Thermal Profiler for SMT Reflow

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KIC SPS 7- Channel Thermal Profiler

Compact reflow oven thermal profiler, supplied with profiling kit and storage case.

The NEW SPS (Smart Profiling System) Smart Profiler and Smart Dock are packed with the latest in data processing and wireless technologies.

Manufactured with an LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) enclosure for better protection and faster cool down between profiles.

The design of the SPS thermal shields allows for easy and secure opening and closing, durability that meets the most stringent of drop tests, and temperature tolerance capabilities that exceed all previous KIC profiler and shield models.

Data can be transferred to via USB connection or real-time via Wi-Fi depending on the model.

The SPS has an Internal Rechargeable NiMH battery which allows for long use between charges and longer battery life and a 10 minute fast charge feature to quickly charge with enough power for one profile.

Recharging and powering can be done via the USB cable or wall socket.

KIC’s profiling software is simple to use requiring little training, it guides the user through the complete reflow profiling process.

KIC’s Navigator-Power and SPC software are Standard included options with all versions of the SPS reflow oven profiler.

KIC’s Auto-Focus upgrade (OPTION) offers a fast new board profiling solution.

KIC’s PWI (process Window Index) provides a single number to score the results of the reflow in single number. Run a Profile, the Navigator (automated prediction) will create an optimised in spec. reflow profile. Then run another profile to confirm.


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