Large PCB Underheater for demanding manual soldering
The Hotbeam 05 Large PCB underheater assists with challenging hand soldering or SMT rework tasks.

By preheating the assembly with a PCB underheater it takes less energy for the soldering iron to take the selected areas above liquidous, creating quality solder joints without effort.

The Rapid heat technology simplifies lead free soldering and thermally demanding soldering tasks.
The programming is automatic with a self teach facility.
The HotBeam 05 has a large heating are with 2 KW heating capacity and four independently controllable IR radiator zones.


Bench Flush Mount Kit:

Suitable PCB Supports:

    Clamping Holder
        H= 40.5mm

Magnet Holders H=40.5mm:

 Standard   Easy Lock

Support Rails H=40.5mm:

 L=223mm L=300mm

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