HotBeam 05 PCB Underheater

Hotbeam 05

HotBeam 05 PCB Underheater

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Large PCB Underheater for Demanding Manual Soldering

The Hotbeam 05 PCB 2Kw IR powered underheater assists with challenging hand soldering or SMT rework tasks on medium sized or heavy boards.

By preheating the assembly using a PCB underheater it first reduces stress of the board and critical components, and then secondly requires less energy from the soldering iron to take the solder joints above liquidous, creating quality solder joints more easily.  It allows for lead-free solder to wet faster, become more liquidous and therefore produce more reliable manual solder joints.


The Auto-Profiler feature uses Rapid Heat Technology to automatically determine the optimum PCB settings (profile) by heating the board safely and uniformly to the the desired temperature, then holding it without overheating – critical as many under board heaters simply run at set temperatures or power.

Additionally the under-heating system can control external devices (e.g. Desolder tools for removal by suction) or configure them in such a way that they become activated by external devices (SPS or foot switches) so that they can be used in robotic processes. The EASYBEAM software allows for the sorting, editing and writing of profiles via a USB connection.

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