Gloss White Polyimide 2mil 5.00mm x 10.00mm

5x10mm PCB Labels

Gloss White Polyimide 2mil 5.00mm x 10.00mm

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White Polyimide Auto-Apply Labels

Automation and Traceability of SMT lines requires the use  of small (often miniature) labels, printed with 2D codes often less than 5mm square, therefore automation of applying the labels is necessary for volume production and label feeders, applicators and label placement systems are now common place.

Polyimide materials offer very high tolerance to heat and our Polyimide Labels have a topcoat specifically designed to provide a highly durable printed label that’s suitable for all PCB and Component marking applications found in electronics manufacturing. When printed with a durable resin ribbon it provides a high contrast image that is extremely resistant to both heat (SMT Reflow & Direct Wave Soldering) and also solvent/chemical cleaning (all common types of PCB cleaning).

PCB and component identification labelling; traceability, standard barcode labels (Code 39, Code 128 etc.), 2D barcodes (Data Matrix – Micro QR, QR, Aztec etc.) tracking, serial number, batch data / lot numbers / date coding.

Part No: LP5681
Label Size: 5.00mm x 10.00mm

Supplied 1 label across on a 10k Auto-Apply Reel
Roll Width 25.4mm
Core 3″ / 76.2mm
Outward Wound

Auto-Apply often requires a label format to suit a the label feeder, label printer and application, therefore there is a large range of sizes, formats and materials and we advise contacting us to confirm suitability before ordering. We can then also advise on the suitability of your existing thermal transfer printer, typically applications require very small text & barcodes, and a 600dpi printer capable of handling small labels on narrow web widths is critical.

We stock a few universal products but can manufacture labels from 3.0mm upwards to fit any Auto-Apply Feeder.

Please Contact us for custom sizes, pricing & availability.

For a compatible thermal transfer ribbon please see our Ribbon Application Guide

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