cab Squix 4M 600dpi Thermal Transfer Label Printer

cab Squix 4M 600dpi Thermal Transfer Label Printer

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The Squix 4M from cab provides the ultimate printer for auto-apply feeder labels and PCB labelling applications.

A centered material guide allows for accurate positioning of auto-apply labels and narrow width media.

The narrow print rollers (optional) provide optimal printhead pressure balance for printing on very small labels; best for high accuracy printing and high print image tolerance.

Can be used to print on our entire range of standard labels and ribbons across all applications; PCB labelling, polyimide high temperature labels, solvent cleaning labelling, high durability labels, product name plates, self-laminating cable labels, paper & polypropylene packaging labels, tamper-evident & security labelling.

The 600dpi version provides incredibly high print quality across all our label materials but is particularly useful when printing small 2D Data Matrix barcodes used for PCB labelling applications. The high resolution printhead offers many barcode sizes & densities, and provides crisp printing of the barcode and text. This is critical for PCB Identification Labelling where there is little room for standard size labels.

The Squix 4M is specified to print right down to 3.0mm high labels making it perfect for miniature pcb labelling applications!

Resolution: 600 dpi
Print speed: up to 300mm per second
Print method: Thermal transfer
Print width: 105.7 mm

Use with BarTender Label Design and Print software from Seagull Scientific to provide a professional labelling solution to all your label needs.


2D Polyimide Labels
High Temperature Labels for SMT

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