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Thermal Transfer Polyimide labels, applied to the PCB at the start of the board
production are high temperature labels which will survive the PCB manufacturing process.

The PCB barcode
label data is scanned for use with manufacturing information systems
for traceability.

Programmed components also use Polyimide labels.

Check your printer compatibility

Our thermal transfer high temperature labels are very durable, the print quality not effected by the high temperatures or cleaning during manufacturing.

The print durability depends mainly on the thermal transfer ribbon, our RHT40 ribbon is economical suitable for most processes.

See our ribbon application guide for more information or contact us for advice.

Ribbon Application Guide

Label Size  9.50mm x 9.50mm

7 labels per row on a 10k roll

Media Width 82.12mm
Outer Roll Diameter 100mm
3″ (76.2mm) Core
Outward Wound