VACUWELD Vacuum Heat Sealer with Venturi Pump

VACUWELD Vacuum Heat Sealer with Venturi Pump

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Vacuweld Professional Vacuum Tank Heat Sealer

Vacuweld is powerful vacuum tank heat sealing machine for EPA (ESD Protected Area) in Electronics Manufacturing.

This semi-automated unit is ideal for medium to high sealing volumes.
The operation is started by closing the lid, initiating a pre-defined program to start.
Once the required vacuum is achieved the seal-time runs automatically and the lid opens once the seal process is complete and the vacuum has reduced.

Model: 7914.275
Seal: 460mm x 10mm
Max. Vacuum: 90%
Air Requirements: 6nl/s at 6 ATM
Useful Chamber Size: 500x600x100 mm
Power: 230V / 1kW

Fast vacuum sealing machine that can package bags up to 600mm long and up to 460mm wide.
Automated vacuum and seal times offer safe vacuum control for delicate parts.
Requires MBB (Moisture Barrier Bags) component packaging bags which we can also provide alongside desiccant tabs and HIC (Humidity Indicator Cards)

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