Superform AF Component Preforming and Cutting Machine

Superform AF Component Preforming and Cutting Machine

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The Superform/AF is a machine designed to cut, bend and preform axial components with a lead diameter ranging from 0.5 to 0.8mm.

An innovatory preforming system, fully mechanic, allows the rotation of the central feed to stop while two preforming assemblies grip the component leads and preform the leads according to the chosen dies.


The components are in this way first cut and “U” bent to the dimensions previously set and then the preforming is made.

The cutting and bending parameters as well of the position of the preform are fully adjustable.

Different forms can be obtained with this machine, through the easy substitution of the two preforming dies.

It is also possible to exclude part of the preforming operation to obtain the cutting and “U” bending only.

By use of the variable speed Motor Drive Unit working can be automatic and the production rate can be increased.

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