Weller MG140 2-Port Fume Extraction System without ONE Arm.

Part No: FT1030

High efficiency filter system with large filter bag and high performance gas filter.
Supplied with ONE x 1M Extraction arm but can be used with two arms (additional arms are FT1016)

This fume extraction filter system has a ultra quiet operation, less than 44 dB(A) which makes it perfect for education, training and R&D applications.

Suited to many fume extraction applications such as:

Solder Fumes (lead-free and tin-lead)
Glue Vapour (many types of adhesive fumes)
Paint Vapour (solvent based fumes)
MEK / Acetone Vapour (specific solvent filters for higher dosing elements)
Dust Extraction (for automated routing and PCB cutting applications)
Welding Dust Extraction

A 3-stage Customisable Filter System allows selection of filter suited to the application shown above.

For Cleanroom applications where no prefilter is needed we offer a larger main gas filter with HEPA filter for exhausted air, to ensure smaller particles remain in the filter.

Variable speed control and filter lifetime alarm with optional remote control.

An advance fume filter system for almost any application.