Laberack Sidewall

Laberack Sidewall


Model: LB4007 Category

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ESD PCB Storage Rack Sidewall

Laberack is an adjustable PCB rack providing a secure method for storage and handling of mounted PCBs or LABEFIX trays.


The sidewall is highlighted as orange in the image

Each side wall has slots for PCBs on one side of the wall, the other side has strengthening bars and acts as the outer side of the Rack.
Aluminium rails, 4 per rack, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom are slotted into the side walls and secured with nuts and bolts.

It is possible to create more columns using an intermediate wall which has slots for PCBs on both sides.
(The required set of nuts and bolts are supplied with each kit or with each side wall or intermediate wall if purchased separately)

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