KIC Vantage Smart Factory System For Reflow Ovens

KIC Vantage Smart Factory System For Reflow Ovens

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KIC Vantage

KIC Vantage is a factory level Industry 4.0 smart factory system for reflow and cure data management and analytics.

Real-time dashboard for all reflow ovens in the factory, provides access to all profiles, all builds, all lines and full historical data, all available on a browser based user interface.

Accessible from an authorised user on any PCs or mobile devices anywhere.

Search – Sort – Report

Vantage enables completely automated data collection; streamlining reporting functions that were once tedious tasks taking up valuable time. Easily search and sort through all reflow and cure production data and generate reports on the precise information you need; oven, customer, production run and more. Create summary reports in PDF format and quickly send to your staff, supervisor or customer. Reports for Profiles, Production Runs, Multiple Lot Run Summary and more.

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