KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyser

KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyser

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KIC SRA Smart Reflow Analyser

The Smart Fixture with Built-In Data Collection Module

Use this Reflow Checker to ensure your oven is stable and provide Machine Stability Data

Identify and Track Machine Performance and Stability

  • Machine Validation and Verification Tool
  • Laser Technology for Accurate Conveyor Speed Measurement
  • Heat Transfer Index (HTI)™ for Each Zone
  • Side-to-Side Zone Uniformity and Run-to-Run Comparisons
  • Track Individual Zone Performance over Time
  • Reflow Checker – an Instant Insight in to Oven Performance
  • Cm/Cmk Charting for Machine Stability
  • PWI™ – Instant Process Analysis with a Single Number
  • Pre & Post Maintenance Oven Performance Data
  • Profile Stacking – Allows up to 30 profile storage (reduced set-up/download)


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