Gloss Metallised Polyester 25.00mm x 40.00mm

Gloss Metallised Polyester 25.00mm x 40.00mm


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Metallised Polyester Thermal Transfer Labels

Polyester labels are the most common labels used in identifying products in electronics manufacturing industries.

Metallised Polyester (sometimes referred to as Silver Polyester or Foil Labels) provide a high quality professional label that is very durable; it can be used in many applications but due to the high quality finish it is normally used as a Rating Plate Label to identify key product information. Other applications include :-

Barcode labels, serial number labelling, batch / lot / date codes, warning labels, approvals (UKCA/CE/UL/CSA/MIL etc.), instruction labels & asset labelling.

Part No: LP5311
Label Size: 25.00mm x 40.00mm

Supplied 1 label across on a 5k roll
Outer Roll Diameter 180mm
Roll Width 46mm
Core 3″ / 76.2mm
Inward Wound

If you cannot find your ideal size (or colour) we hold many others sizes and materials in stock and can also make labels to fit any thermal transfer label printer.

Please Contact us for custom sizes, pricing & availability.

For a compatible thermal transfer ribbon please see our Ribbon Application Guide

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