Expert 05.6 IXH Rework Station for SMT BGA QFN

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Expert 05.6 IXH Rework Station for SMT BGA QFN

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Low Cost BGA & SMT Rework Station for Small-Medium Boards

Suitable for small to medium sized PCBs the Expert 05.6 IXH Rework Station provides a unique high-resolution vision, manual placement system which guides the user to provide a high accuracy placement of BGA, CSP, QFN and any fine pitch SMT device. Device removal, placement, soldering and desoldering all in one package.

Powerful IR Under-Heater – 2Kw

Provides uniform heating of all boards materials and sizes, offering a heating area of up to 185 x 245 mm, suitable for boards up to 200x260mm (larger possible).

One Rework Machine for ALL Rework

From large BGA’s to rework of small fine pitch, precise CSP & QFN devices and passives this SMT rework station, requires minimal training or experience.

Incredibly flexible rework solution for virtually all SMT components. Here’s a list of some of the devices the Expert 05.6 IXH can handle; BGA QFP PoP DFN QFN uBGA (MicroBGA) CSP CPU Sockets Connectors LED RF Frames RF Shields PGA LGA SON – a truly universal rework station.

EasySolder Software

Using the Same EasySolder 07 as the larger rework systems the user gets a professional, Intuitive software offering automated profile creation, device removal and vision guided placement for high accuracy applications. Allows the user to build a library of repeatable rework profiles for all types of boards and components.

Special Processes

Special areas of rework can addressed using the APP Tool system; Flux Dipping, Solder Paste Printing (for QFN) & MicroBGA tooling for easy handling of devices less than 5mm x 5mm.


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