DOTLINER 08 Precision Dispensing Robot

Precision Dispensing

DOTLINER 08 Precision Dispensing Robot

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High Precision Dispensing

The Martin DOTLINER 08 combines high-precision dispensing technology with a high-accuracy XYZ gantry to provide an automated dispensing robot suitable for a wide range of dispensing applications.

Volumetric Time-Pressure Dispensing Technology

Small volumes can be dispensed as dots, straight lines, or complex shapes, all with very high repeatability. The Volumetric Technology compensates for change in temperature and air pressure to ensure the dispense volumes are not affected by changing environmental conditions.

Wide Application Range

Intuitive design, fast process changeovers and the ability to process an extremely wide range of different materials are key benefits of the DOTLINER 08.
Solder Paste, Flux, SMD Adhesive, Underfill, Conductive Adhesive, Thermal Conductive Materials, Alcohol, Silicone, Oil, Grease, Sealants…

Material Control

Both the cartridge and dispensing nozzle can be tempered (cooled) independently, and the dispensing nozzle incorporates heating as standard. This delivers highly repeatable dispensing results, providing constant viscosity of the medium, even for temperature sensitive materials.

Easy Dispense 08 Software

Developed to allow the user to easily import Gerber files (Extended Gerber, Excellon Data, HPGL, DXF, G-Code, Step & STL), edit and save custom dispense applications which can be used once or multiple times. With the integration of all functions of the Clever Dispense 06, the DOTLINER 08 is the reliable partner for micro assembly, SMD rework and surface-mounting.

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