CBCA Weller Fume Cabinet ESD

CBCA Weller Fume Cabinet ESD

Model: CBC-A-112-G02-G65-I2 Category Tag

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Weller Fume CBCA – Clean Bench Cabinet

Includes Tube Lighting ESD safe with one 160 mm connection or 4 x Quick Connections for Weller Filter Systems.

The CBC-A Fume Cabinet offers a unique air curtain concept that protects the operator from dangerous gases and particles in the process and yet gives unrestricted access the bench.

Due to the air curtain the fume cabinet also uses significantly less air compared to a conventional extraction fume cabinets, therefore the running costs are 80% lower.

CBC-A is a mobile safety fume cabinet with no fixing required. It stands directly on the workbench and is easily connected to a compatible Weller Mobile Filter System or to any existing central fume extraction system.

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