KIC AutoFocus

  The KIC Auto-Focus™ is a software option available for
KIC profiling software.The Auto-Focus software selects the correct starting reflow oven profile
for a new product with out the need to run a verification profile through
the reflow oven.Normally a verification reflow profile would need to be run with a
‘golden board’, an engineer guessing the correct reflow oven settings
for the first profile attempt.Less damage and quicker set-up of prototype boards, suitable reflow
profiling for lean manufacturing.For companies with a large mix of products requiring constant reflow
profiling, this software is invaluable.


The software ‘learns’ about your products, the more products profiled
with the KIC software the quicker AutoFocus becomes.

Auto-Focus Advantages:

♦ No Need to Guess the Initial Oven Settings

♦ No Damage to Products used for Profiling

♦ Quicker First Reflow Profile Creation and Prototype Introduction

♦ Less Training and Knowledge Required

The KIC Auto-Focus is easy to use, requiring minimal input or technical

Once the required criteria are entered, Auto-Focus goes to work and in
seconds an initial oven set up is available.

The reflow profile is scored using th

Process Window Index™ (PWI™), so you immediately know where it falls
within your process window.

KIC’s Auto-Focus uses and includes the KIC® Navigator™ software option.