The Reflow Profile Controls the PCB quality RPI controls the Profile

The reflow profile is an important factor to ensure the quality of the solder joints on your PCB are acceptable during reflow in the oven.
The reflow profile controls the PCB quality, a check that all areas of the PCB are within spec.

What is controlling the reflow profile?
Have the oven characteristics changed since the reflow profile was created, are there any thermal fluctuations during reflow?

KICs RPI reflow oven monitoring system alerts operators when the profile is out of spec.
Levels of alerts from warning, to halting production are possible.

The exact profile each PCB experienced is traceable when the barcode option is used.

KICs reflow profiling software optimises the reflow profile creating the optimum reflow profile for each type of PCB.
A reflow profiler or temperature data logger is attached to the PCB with thermocouples, attaching the thermocouples to key area’s/components on the PCB.

KICS Reflow profile optimisation software AutoFocus & Navigator creates the best reflow profile for each PCB type quickly.