Rework Fluid Dispensor

The Martin Smart Dispense 06 allows for accurate and repeatable dispensing of fluids for rework such as solder paste or adhesives.

The dispensing parameters are created and stored, the dispensing pressure and optionally, the nozzle temperature, are automatically set, specified by the recipe.

Monitoring the cartridge temperature is important as this allows the fluid dispenser control unit to compensates viscosity, which is dependent on the material and temperature. Changing the dispensing rate determines the optimum parameters to guarantee a stable dispensing result.

The dispensing recipes can be easily adjusted for new materials and applications, providing maximum process control.

To avoid the material heating when held by an operator, temperature insulated dispensing pens are available for common cartridge sizes .

An integrated nozzle heater inside the dispensing pen is an available option for high viscous material viscosity.

Formation of drops on the dispensing needle is avoided by means of manual retain vacuum.