Weller Zero Smog 4V Kit 2 Solder Fume Extraction for 1-4 Users

Weller Zero Smog 4V Kit 2 Solder Fume Extraction for 1-4 Users


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Weller Zero Smog 4V Kit 2 NL Solder Fume Extraction Solution for FOUR users, supplied with TWO Bench Kits, Arms & NL Nozzles.

Part No: FT1051 (Weller T0053665699N)

The Weller Zero Smog 4V Fume extraction system is ideal for removal of solder fumes in all soldering applications found in electronics production areas.
This solder fume extractor station uses CFC (Constant Flow Control) to automatically regulate the air flow for each user and has a very quiet operation, less than 48 dB(A).

This Kit 2 NL is a configured system which includes TWO solder fume extraction bench kits, each kit comprising of; Bench Bracket/Valve, 1M Flexible Extraction Arm, NL Metal Sloped Extraction Nozzle and a 3M connection hose which together allows two users to be connected to the Zero Smog 4V on two separate benches.

Designed for solder fume extraction the unit can also be used for a range of general fume extraction applications in medium to high usage applications.
Additional ports, extraction kits, extraction arms and extraction nozzles can be fitted to extend the capability to 4 users.

The 3-stage Filter System uses an F7 pre-filter, together with a compact filter utilising an H13 particle filter and a wide band gas filter (50% Active Carbon / 50% Chemisorb) for removal of all harmful particles and gases found in Electronics soldering, for lead-free or other leaded alloys.

Capacity: 230 M³/h.

The system has simple user controls for ease of use and a display with audible & LED alarms for filter maintenance.

Compatible with Weller WX series soldering stations, allowing the filter system to be switched on automatically with the soldering iron.

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