Expert 10.6 HXV Rework Station

Expert 10.6HXV

Expert 10.6 HXV Rework Station

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Advanced BGA & SMT Rework Station for Large PCBs

Suitable for large PCBs like PCs, Laptops and Server Boards and providing automated vision placement, device removal, desoldering and solder paste dispensing in one package.

Powerful Hybrid Under-Heater – 5Kw

Provides uniform heating of all boards materials and sizes, offering a heating area of up to 420 x 450mm, suitable for boards up to 480x480mm (larger possible).
Optimal rework solution for thermally demanding circuit boards.

One Rework Machine for ALL Rework

From large BGA’s to rework of small fine pitch, precise CSP & QFN devices and passives this automated SMT rework station, requires minimal training or experience.

A range of BGA rework tools are included and a custom tool service providing a simple solution to rework virtually all SMT components. Here’s a list of some of the devices the Expert10.6 HV can handle; BGA QFP PoP DFN QFN uBGA (MicroBGA) CSP CPU Sockets Connectors LED RF Frames RF Shields PGA LGA SON – a truly universal rework station.

EasySolder Software

Professional, Intuitive software offering automated profile creation, automated device removal and automated vision guided placement for high accuracy applications.
Allows the user to build a library of repeatable rework profiles for all types of boards and components.

Special Processes

Special areas of rework can addressed using the APP Tool system; Flux Dipping, Solder Paste Printing (for QFN) & MicroBGA tooling for easy handling of devices less than 5mm x 5mm.

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