IR Underheater Power 2kW
Underheater Size 185 x 245mm

The Expert 04.6IXH BGA rework station with positioning arm placement and automated profiling software offers clear, intuitive control for even the most demanding SMT rework process, ensuring each rework process is safe, quick, and repeatable.

From large BGA rework to small precise CSP & QFN devices, the 04.6IXH SMT rework station is an easy to use requiring little experience and minimal training.
Toolsets are available and for any new or odd-form SMT components Martin’s custom tool service will provide a simple solution.


Suitable PCB Supports:

Clamping Holder
H= 40.5mm

Magnet Holders H=40.5mm:

StandardEasy Lock

Support Rails H=40.5mm:


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