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Ex-Demo C12 HD Digital Microscope with Image Capture

Ex-Demo C12 HD Digital Microscope with Image Capture


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Ex-Demo Inspectis C12-E-L-C Digital Microscope, simple connect to an HD monitor and your ready to inspect!

This model has ESD finish, image capture (SD Card) and a laser pointer.
This special offer is for 1 off ex-demo unit, once sold the offer will be removed.

Designed for Productivity – PCB Inspection Microscope.

Uses: Bare PCB Optical Inspection, Microscope for PCB Rework, Visual Inspection of PCB assemblies.

Inspectis C12 PCB inspection camera is an all-in-one, reliable and cost effective high definition optical inspection system with 12:1 optical zoom, auto focus, integrated illumination and on-board controls. It produces crisp images of the PCB up to 80x magnification directly on LCD monitor or via a PC for image capture. The low price of the C12 makes it a perfect solution for visual inspection of circuit boards and assemblies throughout the factory.

Designed for Ergonomic Use

Microscope inspection of PCB assemblies is a demanding job for the operator but the C12 provides relief to eyes, neck and shoulders. The unique ergonomic design with 245mm working distance allows operators to sit comfortably in a good working position and carry out their optical inspection tasks efficiently, making inspection easier and more enjoyable.

Plug & Play

Connect the C12 camera to a High Definition display or your PC via Inspectis´ USB3.0 video grabber and take advantage of the astonishing image resolution, high contrast and true colours in your optical inspection work.

Superior Optics

Inspectis high resolution optics with fast and precise autofocus produces sharp pictures of inspection objects with true colour. System’s standard optics with 2.2 – 26x magnification is comparable to common inspection microscopes. If further magnification is needed, Macro lenses can be added to magnify up to 80x.

Optimised for optical inspection and repair of electronics PCB assemblies.

Due to large size of its image sensor and pixel elements, C12 provides excellent image of solder joints on circuit boards with minimum glare and reflections. An optional built-in laser pointer ( -L ) aims at the area of interest and assists in locating it on the screen. Inspectis C12 can also be ordered as ESD protected ( -E ) for required environments.

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