KIC Profiling – More Profile Less Effort

Do these statements sound familiar?
Is this how you view reflow profiling?’Creating a good quality reflow profile takes time”The more passes through the oven ensures the reflow profile is accurate’


‘Time spent now will save time reworking later’

‘Reflow profiling is an art, translation of the profile cannot be hurried’

Traditionally reflow profiling does take time and the benefits are worth it, but with KICs reflow profiling software, reflow profiling can be quick and easy.

 KICs standard Reflow Profiling Software,
supplied with their thermal profilers guides the
operator through the profiling process.Specifications for the reflow profile such as,
oven, board, solder paste and components can be
set up by an engineer, the reflow profiling software the
enables someone with very little technical knowledge
to perform the reflow profile check.Even the results do not need to be studied by an
engineer to know if the reflow profile is within spec.


KICs PWI (Process Window Index) provides a single
number to show if the reflow profile is acceptable.

This makes reflow profiling quick, easy and accurate,
but when you add KICs Navigator prediction software,
reflow profiling becomes even quicker, use Auto Focus
and the reflow profile is created before the board is put
through the oven for the first time!

KIC’s Navigator software automatically determines the best reflow oven profile for your product.
After an initial profile, Navigator evaluates billions of combinations of conveyor speeds and set point temperatures and creates the best profile.

KICs Auto-Focus software selects the correct starting reflow oven profile for a new product with out the need to run a verification profile through the reflow oven.

This saves even more time, the reflow oven set up with good starting reflow profile, the optimisation software improving the reflow profile if required.

Creating a reflow profile does not need to take time, only one or two passes of the board through the oven is all it takes to create a quality reflow profile, rework is avoided with little effort and the resulting reflow profile requires no translation as this is all done by the software, the PWI indicating the reflow profile is in spec.