KIC Navigator

  KIC’s Navigator software automatically determines the best
reflow oven profile for your product.


Once an initial profile is run, Navigator evaluates billions of
combinations of conveyor speeds and set point temperatures.

Navigator then shows the best reflow profile which is fits the
process window, with the lowest
Process Window Index™ (PWI™) number.

Scoring the reflow profile with to a single number shows the
best reflow oven set up quickly, all the process details in one number.

KIC Navigator makes reflow oven profiling easy, once the
reflow profile specs have been entered Navigator shows how the
reflow oven needs to be set up to achieve the best profile.

Navigator quickly searches a database of possible reflow profiles
selecting the most suitable reflow oven profile for your product.
The optimum reflow profile selected every time.

With KIC Navigator Power, the reflow oven profile can be optimised
to save power. The user selects the criteria, Minimum electricity use,
Minimum PWI or Maximum throughput.