There is the option for the Martin PCB underheaters HOTBEAM04 and HOTBEAM 05 to be completely
integrated into tabletops so that the working height is the same as that
of the surrounding work top.

SMT components is easier and less risky on a pre-heated PCB.

With a raised temperature the soldering iron has less work to do, this is important when soldering at lead free temperatures.

The solder remains liquidous for longer so does not ‘freeze’ as soon as the soldering iron tip is removed from the joint.

Soldering iron tips last longer and there is less risk for thermal shock on the assembly or components.

Although many PCB support solutions are available soldering on a PCB raised over the PCB underheater can be awkward.

The raised PCB support can be inconvenient when performing soldering using a PCB underheater continuously as part of the production process.

Martin have introduced a bench flush mount option integrating the PCB underheater into the production process.

Hotbeam04 Bench Flush Mount Kit:

Hotbeam05Bench Flush Mount Kit:

With space created to mount the PCB
Underheater in the workbench

PCB support is lowered creating
more access to the PCB

The PCB underheater can be covered so

the workbench is available when it is not in use

The operator regains good posture and is soldering in a position they are used to, benefiting from the preheated PCB without a raised PCB support or the PCB underheater getting in the way, improving productivity and quality.

Low clamping PCB holders are available.  With 20mm clamping height, they
complete the under heater application with the right accessories.