Fume Extraction nozzle for hand soldering

One problem with using soldering iron tip extraction when hand soldering is the nozzle can be an obstruction.

The nozzle is situated close to the soldering iron tip, this can be an
advantage as the fumes are collected directly from the source but having
a pipe attached to the soldering iron handle  with the nozzle so close
to the tip can be uncomfortable, clumsy and just get in the way.

A fume extraction arm and nozzle system could be used instead.

The fume extraction nozzle positioned directly over the
soldering iron tip, the fumes are also collected directly from the

Depending on the type of soldering this can also prove to be
awkward, either the fume extraction nozzle or the work piece needing to
be moved to ensure the fumes are captured  efficiently.

The Alfa nozzle is the perfect solution, this is placed behind the work piece on the bench.

The fumes are drawn across the bench from the soldering iron
tip, a reasonable area in front of the Alfa nozzle is captured.

No  soldering tip extraction nozzle clipped to the soldering
iron handle, no nozzle in the way at the soldering iron tip.

The work piece or nozzle does not need to be moved to ensure effiicient capture of the soldering iron fumes.