Fume Extraction is required in many industries and for many applications.

A fume Extraction Solution can pose many problems.
A traditional Central Fume Extraction System would be the first solution to come to mind, but in certain situations, the installation of the Fume Extraction ducting can be expensive or simply impossible in some buildings.

The following Fume Extraction problems are real, the solution may illustrate how your Fume Extraction problem could be solved.

Even if your particular Fume Extraction problem or application is not shown here, these solutions could provide ideas for solving the Fume Extraction problem you may have.

CBC-A Central Fume Cabinet PROBLEM:

A laboratory has reached the full capacity for their Central Fume Extraction System.
To add more fume extraction cupboards

would require rebuilding their entire central Fume Extraction system.


CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinets connected to central fume extraction system.

Install CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinets instead of fume cupboards as the CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinets require less air flow.

This company now have six CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinets connected to central Fume Extraction System.

Fume Extraction Cabinet for Paint PROBLEM:

Spray painting of small parts in an area where a Central Fume Extraction System cannot be installed.


CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet with an MG350S Fume Extractor.

The CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet can be mounted on a desk with a Fume Extractor on the floor, if the area needs to be reorganised, this arrangement can be easily moved.

Laboratory Fume Extraction

Laboratory Fume Extraction


Laboratory work located in an old building.
To install a Central Fume Extraction System would
incur expensive installation costs.


CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet connected to an
MG350S Fume Extractor

The unique air curtain in the fume extraction cabinet is
used to protect from potentially hazardous fumes.

Laboratory Fume Extraction
Working with sample preparation which release bad odors (fertilizers). When using a Central Fume Extraction System tit is difficult to contain the odor.

The CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet is placed over a sink to work with water. The CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet is connected to a MG350S Fume Extractor

The odor extracted and cleaned by an FT fume

extractor filter unit.

Solder Fume Extraction Cabinet

Solder Fume Extraction Cabinet


Soldering of battery packs. The work piece is big, using a Fume Extraction Arm would not be practicable as it would need to be moved continuously.

As a large volume of solder is used this creates a large volume of Harmful Solder fumes.


A CBC-A Solder Fume Extraction Cabinet with two Fume Extractors connected to filter the solder fumes.

Glue Vapor Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

A Glue Dispensing Machine dispensing glue on several positions, housed inside a cage.

The Harmful Adhesive Odors require extraction.


An MG350S with an Fume Extraction Pipe set and several Fume Extraction Arms located over the main dispensing points solves the problem.

Glue Vapor Extraction Arm Adhesive Fume Extraction
Glue Vapor Extraction PROBLEM:

Gluing parts under a microscope.


Connecting a 32 mm Fume Extraction Arm to a Fume Extractor System.

Glue Dispensing Vapor Extraction PROBLEM:

Dispensing glue and drying with an UV lamp.
During dispensing and drying harmful fumes evaporate. Two operators are sitting next to each other.


A Fume Extractor with an Y-connection and two Fume Extraction arms positioned over the work pieces.

Glue Extraction Cabinet PROBLEM:

Gluing of mirrors for measurement devices.


A CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet mounted on a movable bench with two Fume Extractor Units in specially designed holders.

Glue Extraction Cabinet PROBLEM:

Surface treatment and gluing of sensors for medical equipment. The task needs to be performed without Fume Extraction arms or other obstructions.


CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet connected to a central Fume Extraction System.

Gluing Robot Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

Robot that applies silicone glue onto braking devices for lorries.

It is not possible to use a Central Fume Extraction System.


MG140 Fume Extractors and two Flexible Fume
Extraction hoses with Alfa nozzles.

Drying Glue Vapor Extraction PROBLEM:

Dispensing of glue. The components are glued and then left to dry.


The whole operation is done inside a CBC-A to protect the operator.

A CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet is connected to a Central Fume Extraction System.

PCB coating Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

Coating of circuit boards.
The boards need to be kept in a separate room while they are drying to prevent the solvent odor reaching the work area.


A rack for the boards is specially made to fit in the cabinet.
The CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet is connected to a Central Fume Extraction System.

Paint Fumes Extraction PROBLEM:

Mixing/development of paint, the resulting harmful fumes need to be extracted.


Fume Extraction Arms with N-nozzle mounted to the wall with brackets and connected to MG140 Fume Extractor Systems.

Laboratory Fume Extraction over sink PROBLEM:

A small Laboratory needs to pour out solvents into a sink producing an unpleasant odor inside the room.


A Mobile Fume Extractor placed on the floor and a Flexible Extraction Hose with an Alfa nozzle collecting the fumes that arise from the sink.

Acetone Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

A Small laboratory without a Central Fume Extraction System. Acetone is dispensed from cans into small bottles. Acetone Fumes need to be removed.


A Mobile Fume Extractor on the floor with a 55 mm Flexible Fume Extraction Hose and an N Nozzle collects the fumes.

Mercury Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

A laboratory is testing for mercury in earth, where impregnating wood companies have been located.


A CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet is connected to MG350 Fume Extraction Units.

After filtration, the air is collected and moved out of the building by a Central Fume Extraction System.

Solder Fume Extraction from Robot PROBLEM:

A High volume soldering robot for automotive connectors. The robot is in use 16 hours per day, 7 days per week.


A Solder Fume Extractor installed on the workbench next to the soldering robot. Nozzle from a Fume Extraction Arm located close to source of the solder fumes. Lead free solder wire is used.

Clean Room Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

Soldering in an ISO class 6 clean room.


A Solder Fume Extractor with a clean room filter which filters the Harmful Solder Fume Emissions and recirculates the air into the clean room.

Rework Station Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

BGA Rework Station creating harmful Solder Fumes.


The BGA rework station fits into the CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet.
This provides full protection for the operator whilst

allowing total freedom to access the rework station.

Medical Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

A medical company performing rework in a clean room.

CBC-A Fume Extraction Cabinet connected to Fume

Extractor Systems with Clean room filters

Laser Marking Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

Laser marking on different materials.
Gases and particles are created.


Fume Extraction Unit with a Flexible Fume Extraction
Hose fitted with an Alfa nozzle inside the Laser Marking cabinet.

PCB Cutting Dust Extraction
PCB cutting.
The resulting PCB dust needs to be removed during the PCB cutting process


A Fume Extractor System with Prefiler attached on the workbench. A nozzle system is integrated in the workbench.The Fume Extractor System takes care of the particles and emissions and recirculates the air into the room.

Lead Flashing Brazing Fume Extraction PROBLEM:

A college needs Fume Extraction for their plumbing course.

Training for lead brazing creates harmful fumes containing large particles.


An MG140 Fume Extractor with integrated prefilter connected to flexible Fume Extraction hoses and Fume Extraction Arms and Nozzles.

The Fume Extraction Arms are mounted to the wall, retracted when not in use.